A New Journey

This week marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new.

While I am not 'cured' of mental illness, the reality is that if I had to track a cycle of peaks and troughs, I have come out of the biggest trough of my life in the past few years and am feeling in a good place. This is a great blessing.

And so, this chapter does not end with the assumption that lapse or relapse will never happen again. However, it is also important to celebrate the ways that God has delivered me in a truly refining way.

It is an honour to say that this new chapter begins with the formal signing of a contract with the Good Book Company, for a late 2017 release. It is my sincere hope that this is not all about me. Instead, I want this to be about not limiting what God chooses to do through me. I don't know what that will be yet, but I do know that he has opened this door in a way that I hope will bless more people than I could hope to imagine. My prayer is that those in the midst of dark times and those looking to care for their loved ones will be pointed towards the sufficiency of Christ.

Ego is not what has driven me to write this book, but I am not foolish enough to say that ego is not a temptation. And so, if you read this, pray for me that this new journey would be about the Lord and the advancement of the Gospel. I believe he has put me here for a reason, and it is my role to remain humble and teachable in light of the God's sovereign hand.

Thank you for your prayers and support, and keep praying for those who live with mental health issues every day.

Chris Cipollone