Christian author and speaker on mental health, depression and anxiety




Mental health is an important issue that is often overlooked or misunderstood in the Church.

“Down, Not Out” is a step in the right direction - an encouraging book for those of us suffering from anxiety and depression, and a helpful guide for those who do not.

/  Adam Ford, Founder, The Babylon Bee /



With compassion, clarity and humility, Chris Cipollone walks the reader through a refreshing look at how God’s grace in Christ is the most important antidote for anxiety and depression. As I read “Down, Not Out,” I was personally encouraged. I found myself growing in compassion for so many people I know who struggle in significant ways. Chris is realistic as he captures the multi-dimensional aspects of anxiety and depression, and cautions us against simplistic quick-fixes. Rather, he offers a personal, gracious God who walks with us, encourages us, and provides hope and comfort along the path. Each carefully written chapter exudes comfort and hope. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need that!”

/  Dr. Tim Lane, President, Institute of Pastoral Care.

Author of ‘how people change’ /


Chris combines insightful intelligence with the real grit of lived experience to bring perspective and hope to those living with mental-health difficulties.

/  Dr. John burns, clinical psychologist /


It may not take long to read this book, but the time invested will change the way you think about and respond to mental-health issues, whether in your own life, your family or the church.

/  Dr. Gary Millar, Principal, Queensland Theological college.

Council member, The gospel Coalition Australia  /


I appreciate and respect Chris as a friend, pastor and brother in Christ. His honesty and empathy, insight, and understanding of mental health difficulties speaks volumes. He has a passion for us to know the love and sovereignty of the Lord through all.

/  Susie Kindred, Clinical psychologist /


Chris is both a thoughtful and insightful man of God. His discerning words are often of great encouragement. He loves Jesus and that is readily evident in how he lives his life.

/  Duncan Robinson, Breakfast Radio Host Hope 103.2

Author of 'Vanguard: The Movement and Direction of the Gospel'  /


Chris ‘gets’ mental illness. He has been in the dark places and openly shares his personal experience. We hear of the help that can be gained from medical and psychological treatments, and the difference that a supportive community can make. But with a pastor’s heart, Chris’ main aim is to speak biblical truth into this difficult context—to gently correct false patterns of thinking and feeling, and above all, to point the reader to the joy and refreshment that is found in knowing that our acceptance, security and hope depend upon God’s unchanging love, not the quality of our mental health.

/  Dr. Keith Condie, Co-Director, Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute

Anglican Deaconess Ministries, Sydney, Australia /